ROTV Apk is free entertainment app which allows you to watch over 10000+ movies, 5000+ TV and independent movies on one single platform. It also provides live TV shows, sports and news all for free.
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Sep 16, 2022
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Have you heard about the ROTV Apk? We all have our struggles when it comes to finding the perfect app that can help us watch movies and series for free online. In some cases, it may also lead you to sites that are harmful to your Phone, Laptop, or PC. The reason that most of us choose to opt for streaming sites that are free of cost is that it’s simply not practical to take a year-long subscription or monthly subscription in order to watch just one or two movies. So here is how to watch movies and series for free online.

  • About ROTV Apk

Every other weekend we may be thinking to ourselves, “Where can I watch movies and series online and for free? The answer to this question is the app ROTV Apk 1.3.2. It was initially known as MOTV but now has changed its name. This app allows you to watch 10000+ movies, 5000+ TV, and independent movies on one single platform. Movies and TV shows on this app are not limited by language. There are around 9 + languages with English subtitles on its platform.

ROTV also provides live TV shows, sports, and news. On this app, there are thousands of movies to choose from both old and new. It also has various different genres of movies and TV series for you to choose from like:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Animation
  • Crime
  • Documentary
  • Drama
  • Family
  • Horror
  • Fantasy
  • Features of ROTV Apk
  1. Download movies for free.

ROTV allows its user to save and download the various movies that they provide. This can be of immense help as it allows you to watch movies anywhere at any time.

2. Available on Android App and TV.

ROTV not only provides you with an application but it can also be downloaded on your TV, so you can watch it on a big screen. This is a great thing because if you want to watch a movie online on your TV, you could just download the application on your TV and continue to watch it without the ads or the fuss. ROTV has its own website where it tells you the features, links to download, and much more like Rotv Facebook & Twitter links.

rotv apk

3.No Account needed.

Even though the app gives you the option to open an account, it’s not compulsory that you open one since the application allows you to watch movies and TV shows even without an account.

4. Premium of the app.

Almost all of the content available on this app is 100 percent free but rarely there are some TV shows or movies that can only be accessed by the premium account holders.

5. Stream from around the world.

Since the app is free and can be accessed with or without an account, it is easy for anyone to watch movies no matter where they are in the world.

6. Easy Navigation.

Even though the app has lots of content on there, paid or unpaid, the ROTV program is relatively easy to use and navigate since the app provides you with a search bar. Not only that, it has categorized the movies according to language or genre so that you can find your movies faster and with ease. At the very bottom of the application, you can also notice that there are small icons indicating the various types of content that they provide. 

  • ROTV Mod Apk 2021.

ROTV also has another Apk which allows anyone to stream cricket matches such as IPL and ISL Lives. It also contains many other international television networks ready for you to watch.

  • ROTV Apk Upgrades and Versions.

The size of this app is 32.5MB and it is compatible with Apple TV, iOS, Android, PC, FireStick, and Roku. The initial version that was available for this app was V 1.0 but now there is an upgraded version available which is V 2.0. The application notifies its users of the new updates and upgrades available and encourages them to download the updates. Since the upgraded version is out ROTV notifies their users that, version 1.0 will not be maintained for that long.

  • Conclusion

Now that we know everything there is to know about the app one might wonder if there are games on this app like ROTV Roblox but as of now, the creators don’t have any games on this app. But when it comes to entertainment be sure to check out ROTV, download it and enjoy the unlimited content with over 9+ languages. ROTV is your one-stop destination for unlimited content.


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