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If you are planning on analyzing and watching the activity of your friends or family on social media platforms, Yansa is the app which will help you to understand when people are offline or online.
Evgeniy Snapov
21 October 2020
4.1 and up

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Yansa Tracker is the best APK in stores for you, if you are planning on analyzing and watching the activity of your friends or family on social media platforms. With the Yansa apk you can keep an eye on anyone you want and their social media presence.

Yansa – tracker for Whatsapp

Published on 21-10-2020 by Evgeniy Snapov, is an app that will help you to understand when people are offline or online. This can be used for your personal use like to check in on a relative or friend and it can also be used for work purposes like to analyze the time that your employees are efficiently working.

The Android version of this app is the Yansa app and the Yansa iOS version of the same app is renamed Yanwa which is connected to the parent company Netwa.

yansa tracker

Features of Yansa Mod Apk

  • 1. Offline and Online Notification.

This app provides notification if the person you have entered in the Apk comes online or goes offline. Not only that, but it also indicates how much time a person has been online with great accuracy. These hours are shown by a digital clock interface.

2. Compatible platforms.

Yansa Tracker app supports a couple of social media platforms in analyzing the online and offline features like vk.com, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

3. Customized notification sounds.

If you are tracking a couple of people at a single time yansa mod apk download allows you to keep track of them by changing the notification sound for each and every person.

4. 5+ Accounts.

You can keep track of more than 5+ people’s accounts on this app at the same time.

5. 24/7 Support.

If you are worried about the bugs and minor errors in this app,  yansa tracker mod apk provides you with 24/7 support and they do take their customers seriously.

6. Trail period and Yansa Apk Premium.

This app allows you to use it for 24 hours which allows you to determine whether you actually need this app or not. If you are satisfied with the app then you can switch to the yansa premium version which will help you to keep track of more people than when you are on the trial period.

7. Subscriptions and Free Subscriptions.

The app provides you with a premium account which can be acquired by subscription to the app there are mainly three options when it comes to the subscription which are:

  • First-way payment – $9.99/-
  • Second-way payment – $12.99/-
  • Free Subscription

If you are a person who doesn’t want to spend money on this app you can opt for the free subscription in which you will have to download another app ‘Task4Reward’, in this app you will be given daily tasks that you will have to complete and as a reward, you can use the yansa apk premium version.

  • Yansa Apk Top Downloads and Upgrades

The current version of the app available in stores is yansa 1.3.4 which was recently updated to fix some minor bugs on 5-11-2020 which was brought to the attention of the developers by the customers. Currently, yansa apk mod is up to date and can be downloaded on this site.

Reviews of Yansa Tracker for Whatsapp

“It was an awesome app. I never used it before. it provides a one-day free trial then after a free subscription by free using existing. This installing just 5MB. Seriously this is a super app. I recommend all of you by apps Because no such apps are available in the play store. That gives the future extending the free subscription. So I hope is this an enjoyable app. My guy, unfortunately, block me then I install this app I had used every day. So guys try these awesome apps. Hope you is better.” – mim farjana

“It’s an awesome app I ever used. It provides a one-day free trial after that we can also take the advantage of the free subscription by using its extension free trial feature just by installing a 5MB application on mobile and by doing small tasks. I recommend this app to all of you because no such apps are available in the play store that gives the feature of extending the subscription is free. Thank you” – Lyrical Songs

“It is a nice APP it’s dail system is fine. we can monitor activity on it very easily and we also get one day free trial period after that we can take advantage of free subscription by using its’ feature of just installing app in your phone”- Prabhjot Singh


Version Size Requirements Date
1.3.4 15M 4.1 and up 16/09/2022