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Zinmanga is an amazing app made by the developer Zinmanga which provides you with free mangas from various genres. If you love reading and are getting into reading mangas this app will help you a lot.
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September 21, 2022
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ZinManga Apk is one of the most popular manga apps available for Android devices. With ZinManga Apk, you can read manga online without having any internet connection. You can even read manga offline without needing to download them first. This means that you can read manga anywhere at anytime.

Zinmanga is an amazing app made by the developer ZinManga Apk which provides you with free mangas from various genres. If you love reading and are getting into reading mangas this app will help you a lot.

Reading is always fun. There are various types of mediums to read from like Novels, Storybooks, Comics, and Mangas. Sometimes these can be very costly to get. Reading online can be done for free with various apps and here is one to help you read and enjoy mangas.

They have translations of mangas from various languages and keep on updating new mangas every day. You can open your own ZinManga Apk account so that you get updates on the new releases and the updates of the new chapters of your favorite manga.

Zinmanga Apk 2.2 features.

This particular manga app has a lot of amazing features to it.

1. Thousand of Manga

The main feature of ZinManga Apk is that it has dozens of mangas and comics that are from around the world. This helps us as a reader to read everything we want in one single place. Some of the manga on this app are:

  • Once More
  • Embrace My Shadow
  • CEO Sudden Proposal
  • Genius Baby
  • When Doctor Chu
  • Sweet Escape
  • Cold-Hearted Wife
  • Warm Wedding

2. New and old Manga

ZinManga Apk provides both new and old manga that were posted online or created. You can see the dates on which these mangas were posted as well as you can search for various mangas on the basis of the year.

3. Sign up and Sign in

Unlike the other comic apps, ZinManga Apk lets you read various mangas for free and without an account. You can create an account if that’s what you prefer since it gives you options to enter into manga discussion which is one of the app’s features as well as comment and bookmark your favorite mangas or you could just use the app without signing up.

4. Search option

The app has an inbuilt search bar so that you can search any manga that you want to read and for easy navigation. Not to mention ZinManga Apk also has a drop-down menu at the very top with the various genres that they provide.

5. Genres

There are over 10+ genres of manga on ZinManga Apk including:

  • Horror
  • Romance
  • Drama
  • Historical
  • Psychological
  • BL
  • Completed
  • Webtoon

One of the many genres they provide is webtoon. Webtoon is an already well-known and established application by Naver, which allows the readers not only to read on the app but to create and post on this app as well. These webtoon/comics which are on webtoon are also available on ZinManga Apk

Not only that ZinManga Apk also has a genre called completed which has finished or completed manga and comics on it. You can access the first couple of chapters for free but later on, you will have to wait for a day to get a daily pass which will unlock a new episode.

6. Shareable link

If you want to share ZinManga Apk with your friends or family so they can also start reading manga then the app provides you with the shareable links in the app itself which you can share on various apps like Whatsapp, and Twitter, Gmail, and more.

They have their own website Zinmanga.com which is free of ads and free of cost that can be accessed by all.

zinmanga apk
Zinmanga app apk website.

Download ZinManga Latest Version.

For Zinmanga App download can be done on our own site. The ZinManga Apk is free for download on this site. The latest version of this app is v2.2 which is easy to use and has a clean-cut interface that can be understood by all.

Now that you know about the app feel free to download it from our site.


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